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Small Batch

Woodford Reserve ~ $14
Four Roses Small Batch ~$14
Four Roses Small Batch Select ~104 proof ~$16
Belle Meade Reserve Bourbon ~108.3 proof~$16
Joseph A. Magnus~Murray Hill Club~103 proof~$24
Jefferson Reserve VSB ~ $14
Jefferson’s Ocean 90 proof~$16

Jefferson’s Reserve Very Small Batch~90.2 proof~$16
Willderness Trail ~100 proof~$14
Larceny Barrel Proof Bourbon, Batch B521~121proof~$18
Jefferson’s Ocean 90 proof ~ $16
Peerless~108.7 proof~ $16
Wild Turkey Russell Reserve 10yr ~$12
Dickel Barrel Select ~$14
Elijah Craig ~$12
Bowman Brothers ~$12
Baker’s 7yr 107 proof ~$14
Larceny 92 proof ~$11
Rowan Creek 12yr ~$14
Noah’s Mill 114.3 proof ~$16
Knob Creek ~$14
Redemption Wheated Bourbon 96 proof ~$12
Redemption High Rye Bourbon~Pre-Prohibition Rye Revival~ $12

Nelson Bros. Reserve~High Rye~107.8 proof~$15

Hudson Baby Bourbon -100% Corn Whiskey from NY! ~$15


Old Grand-Dad~114 proof ~$12
Maker’s Mark ~$14

Wild Turkey 101 ~$12
Joseph A. Magnus ~ Straight Bourbon ~ Finished in Sherry & Cognac Casks ~ $18
Fusion Bourbon Series #4 (Bardstown Bourbon Company)~$14
Old Forester 100 proof ~$11
Old Forester 1920 115 proof ~$16
Old Forester 1910 ~ 93 proof~ $16
Basil Hayden ~$14
Buffalo Trace ~$14
Wild Turkey Rare Breed ~$14
Old Ezra 7yr Barrel Proof Bourbon ~$16
Rabbit Hole Heigold Kentucky Straight Bourbon ~95 proof~$15
Legent Bourbon (by Fred Noe & Shinji Fukuyo) ~$12
Sam Houston 12yr Bourbon ~98 proof~$16
The Ambassador 12yr Barrel Proof Bourbon~ 105.7 proof~$20
Bulleit ~$14
Pinhook Vertical Series, aged 5 yrs~104 proof~$14
Widow Jane 10yr ~$18
Woodford Reserve Double Oaked ~$16
Angel’s Envy- finished in Port Barrels ~$14
Willet Kentucky Straight Bourbon ~$14
W.L. Weller Reserve Special Reserve ~$16
Old Weller Antique 107 proof ~$40
I.W. Harper Straight Bourbon ~$12
Maker’s Mark Cask Strength 108.7 proof ~$14
Isaac Bowman Port Barrel Finish ~ $14
Redemption 9yr Barrel Proof 110.6 proof ~$16
Old Granddad 100 proof ~$11
Old Granddad 114 ~114 proof ~ $12
Wathen’s Barrel Proof 110.4 proof ~$18
David Nicholson Reserve~100 proof~$12
Peg Leg Porker Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey ~ $15
The Ambassador 12yr Barrel Proof Bourbon~105.7 proof~$20
Knob Creek 12yr Bourbon~100 proof~$14
Peg Leg Porker 12yr ~$18
Penelope 4 Grain Barrel Strength Bourbon ~115.8~$14
Bulleit Barrel Strength 125.2 proof ~$15
Wathen’s Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon 110.4proof ~$18
Heaven Hill 7yr Bourbon~Bottled in Bond~ 100 proof~$14

James E. Pepper 1776 Barrel Proof Bourbon~116.2 proof~$16

Jefferson’s Reserve Pritchard Hill Cabernet Cask Finish~90.2 proof~$16

Taconic Distillery Barrel Strength Rye (Dutchess County, NY) ~115 proof~$16

Fort Hamilton NY Rye (Brooklyn) ~119 proof~$16

Johnny Drum Private Stock ~101 proof~$14

Single Barrel

Blanton’s ~$16
Four Roses ~$14
Evan Williams ~$14
Eagle Rare 10yr ~$14
New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon~ 104.6 proof~$14

Wilderness Trail Bourbon ~100 proof ~$14
Russell’s Reserve 110 proof ~$16
John J. Bowman ~$14
Henry McKenna 10yr ~$14
Hancock’s President’s Reserve ~$16
Rebel Yell 10yr Single Barrel ~$16
Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit 101 proof ~$16

Knob Creek 9yr~120 Proof~$15



Barrell WHISKEY Private Selection~Cognac Finish~123.7 proof~$18

Barrell 6yr BOURBON~ Batch #34~$16

Barrell Seagrass Rye Whiskey finished in Martinique Rum, Madeira & Apricot Brandy Barrels~119.3 proof~$16

Barrell Cask Strength Bourbon, Batch 029 6yrs~115.88 proof ~$16

Barrell Armida Bourbon finished in Pear Brandy, Rum & Sicilian Amaro Casks ~114.44 proof ~$16

Barrell Dovetail Whiskey finished in Rum, Port & Dunn Vineyard’s Cabernet Barrels~124.7 proof ~$16


Michter’s Straight Rye ~$14

Michter’s American Whiskey ~$14

Michter’s  Small Batch Bourbon ~$14


1792 Full Proof   125 proof ~$10 for 1oz pour

1792 12 year ~ $10 for 1oz pour

1792 High Rye~ $8 for 1oz pour


1792 Small Batch ~$12 (2oz)

1792 Single Barrel~$14 (2oz)


Booker’s “Kentucky Tea Batch” 126.5 pf~$18

Booker’s “Ronnie’s Batch” 124.3 proof ~$18

Booker’s “Lumberjack Batch” ~124.8 proof~$18

Booker’s “Bardstown Batch” 6yrs, 5 months~ 125.5 proof~$18

Booker’s “Charlie’s Batch” 7yr~126.6pf~$18

Booker’s “Pinkie’s Batch” 6yr 10 months~122.4 proof~$18

Booker’s Little Book Chapter 5~2021 Release~116 proof~$28

Little Book Chapter 6 2022~117.4 proof~$28


Redemption Batch #002:

    *9yr Barrel Proof Bourbon 108.2 proof ~$18

    *Straight Bourbon finished in Cognac Casks ~99 proof~$16




Taconic Distillery Barrel Strength Rye (Dutchess County, NY) ~115 proof~$16

Dickel Rye ~$12

Willet Family Estate Bottled 4yr Small Batch Rye~108.8 proof~$19

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Rye~104 proof~$16

Whistle Pig 100% Rye 100 proof ~$18
Sagamore Spirit Cask Strength~112.2 proof~$14
Sagamore Spirit Double Oak~96.6 proof~$14
Hochstadter’s Vatted Rye~100 proof~$14
Wilderness Trail Rye ~104 proof~$16
Whistle Pig Old Cask Finish ~ finished in Port, French Sauternes & Madeira casks ~$24
Pinhook Straight Rye~114 proof~$14
Hughes- Belle of Bedford Pure Rye~104 proof~ $16
Peerless Barrel Proof Rye 107.8 proof ~$20
Bulleit 95% Rye ~$12
Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel 104 proof~$14
High West Rendezvous Rye ~$14
High West Double Rye ~$12
Masterson’s Rye ~$15
Hudson Manhattan Rye ~$15
Old Pepper Rye~Finest Kentucky Oak~116 proof~$16
Sazerac 6yr ~$11
Lock Stock and Barrel 18yr Rye ~ $34
New Riff Single Barrel Rye~106.6 proof~$15
Knob Creek Small Batch 100 proof ~$12
Old Overholt Bottled in Bond ~$11
George Dickle Rye ~$11
Ragtime Rye~Bottled in Bond ~100 proof (Williamsburg, NY) ~$14
Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye Small Batch 90 proof ~$11
Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye finished in Port Wine Barrels ~$12
Rittenhouse Bottled in Bond 100 proof~$12
Angel’s Envy Rye finished in Caribbean Rum Casks ~$18
Turley Mill Straight Cask Strength Rye ~$13
Pikesville Straight Rye 110 proof ~$14
The Senator 6yr Barrel Proof~ 121.4 proof~$14
Redemption Pre-Prohibition Revival ~$11

Ragtime Rye~Apple Jack Barrel Finish~100 proof~$14

Irish Whiskey

Tullamore Dew ~$11
Tulamore Dew 12yr ~$14
Red Breast Pure Pot Still 12yr ~$16
Red Breast Lustau ~Limited Edition~ Sherry Finish ~ $16

Red Breast 15yr Single Pot Still ~$26
Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey ~$16
Knappogue Castle Single Malt 12yr ~$16
Knappogue Castle Twin Wood 14yr ~$18
Knappogue Castle Twin Wood Sherry Finish 16yr ~$20
Jameson Black Barrel ~$12
Jameson Caskmates-IPA Edition ~$12
Jameson Caskmates-Stout Edition ~$12
Power’s Gold Label~$11
Power’s John’s Lane Release 12yr ~$16
Teeling Pot Still Irish Whiskey~$16
Connemara 12yr PEATED Single Malt ~$16

American and Canadian Whiskey

Gentleman Jack ~$11

Jack Daniels 10 yr ~$16

Bernheim Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey ~$12
Crown Royal ~$11
High West BouRye ~$14
High West Campfire (Rye, Bourbon & Blended Malt Scotch Whiskey) ~$18
Forty Creek Barrel Select ~$11
Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve ~$15

Alberta Premium Cask Strength Rye (Canada)~127.4 proof~$16

Single Malts

New and Very Limited Whiskey

ALL Whiskey Prices are based on 2oz pours, except where otherwise specified  (1oz and 1/2oz pours available)


PAPPY VAN WINKLES (*1oz or 1/2 oz pours ONLY, per person, per night)

Old Rip Van Winkle 10yr~$65 for 1oz pour

Van Winkle 12yr~ $80 for 1oz pour

Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 15yr ~ $110 for 1oz pour

Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 20yr ~ $130 for 1 oz  pour

Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 23yr~ $160 for 1oz pour

Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye 13yr~$100 for 1oz pour


2022 Buffalo Trace Antique Collection (*1oz or 1/2 oz pours ONLY, per person, per night)

Sazerac 18yr~90 proof~$50 for 1oz pour

Thomas H. Handy ~130.9 proof~$50 for 1oz pour

Eagle Rare 17yr~101 proof~$50 for 1oz pour

William Larue Weller ~124.7 proof~$60 for 1oz pour


Ichiro’s Chichibu 2022 “The Peated”~$25 for 1oz pour

Angel’s Envy Single Barrel Private Selection Bourbon 110 proof~$10 for 1oz pour

Old Fitzgerald 19yr Bourbon~ Bottled-in-Bond~$50 for 1oz pour

George Dickel Tennessee Whisky 17yr Reserve~$25 for 1oz pour

Talisker 11yr~2022 Special Release 110.2 proof~$20 for 1oz pour

Oban 10yr The Celestial Blaze Special Release 2022~finished in Sherry & Amontillado Casks ~114.2 proof ~$20 for 1 oz pour

Glen Scotia~ Limited Edition~ 2022 Seasonal Release~106.6 proof~$12 for 1oz pour

A Midwinmter Night’s Dram~ Act 10, Scene 6~98.6 proof $15 for 1oz pour

Old Carter Barrel Strength Bourbon ~Batch #14~117 proof~$20 for 1oz pour

Whistle Pig : The Boss Hog~Siren’s Song~ Straight Rye Whiskey finished in Greek Fig Nectar & Scratch Tentura Barrels ~103.4 proof~$50 for 1oz pour

Blood Oath Pact No.8~finished in Calvados Casks~98.6 proof~$13 for 1oz pour

Widow Jane Lucky Thirteen~$12 for 1oz pour

Widow Jane The Vaults~aged 14yrs~$20 for 1oz pour

Willet 8yr Wheated Bourbon~108 proof~ $25 for 1oz pour

Red Breast 21yr~92 proof~$35 for 1oz pour~$35 for 1oz pour

Barrell Seagrass Grey Label 16yr~133.4 proof~$22 for 1oz pour

Blue Spot 7yr~117.8~$18 for 1oz pour

Gold Spot 9yr 135th Anniversary~102.8 proof~$16 for 1oz pour

Red Spot 15 yr Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey~92 proof ~$20 for 1oz pour

Bernheim Wheat Whiskey~Barrel Proof 118.8 proof $15 for 1oz pour

Nikka Yoichi~ 90 proof~$16 for 1oz pour

Nikka Miyagikyo ~90 proof~$16 for 1oz pour

Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky~90 proof~$14 for 1oz pour

Nikka Coffey Grain~90 proof~$12 for 1oz pour

Nikka Days ~80 proof~ $14 for 2oz pour

Compass Box The Peat Monster ~113.4 proof~ $14 for 1oz

Blanton’s Single Barrell Gold Edition ~103 proof $20 for 1oz pour

Ardbeg Traigh Bhan 19yr~Marured in American Oak & Oloroso Sherry Cask~ 92.4 proof~$25 for 1oz

The Hakushu 18yr~$60 for 1oz

The Hakushu 12yr~$18 for 1oz

Loch Lomond The 150th St. Andrews 22 year old~96.4 proof~$22 for 1 oz

The ImpEx Collection~ 17 yr Japanese Single Grain Whiskey~Distilled at a SECRET Distillery~87.2 proof~  $25 for 1 oz pour

1792 Sweet Wheat~91.2 proof~$8 for 1oz pour

1792 Full Proof~125 proof~$10 for 1oz pour

Barrell Dovetail Grey Label~Finished in Rum, Port & Dunn Vineyards Cabernet Barrels~ 131.54 proof~ $20 for 1 oz pour

Barrell Gold Label Seagrass~ Limited Edition 20yr Blended RYE~Finished in Martinique Rum, Madiera & Apricot Brandy Barrels~128.12 proof~$40 for 1 oz pour

Weller Full Proof ~$40 for 1oz pour

Weller 12 year~$18 for 1oz pour

Milam & Greene Bourbon~118.3 proof~ $12 for 1oz pour

E.H. Taylor Single Barrel~ Bottled in Bond~100 proof~$15 for 1oz pour

E.H. Taylor Small Batch~ Bottled in Bond~100 proof~$9 for 1oz pour

Hardins Creek 15yr Bourbon~108 proof~ $16 for 1oz pour

Lagavulin Distiller’s Edition~ $12 for 1oz pour

Laphroiag 16yr~96 proof~$12 for 1oz pour

Laphroiag 10yr Sherry Oak Finish~$10 for 1oz pour

Penelope Tokaji Cask Finish Rye 6yr~107 proof~$11 for 1oz pour

Four Roses Private Select Single Barrel 10yr, 3 months~107 proof~$12 for 1oz pour

Stagg (Jr)~131 proof ~ $18 for 1oz pour

Oban Distillers Edition 2021~$10 for 1oz pour

Takisker Distillers Edition~ 91.6 proof~$10 for 1oz pour

Lagavulin Distillers Edition~86 proof~$12 for 1oz pour

Old Elk~Infinity Blend~114.9 proof~$12 for 1oz pour

Shenk’s 2022 Release~Sour Mash Whiskey~91.2 proof~$12 for 1 oz pour

George Dickel Column Still~Collaboration Blend~100 proof~$11 for 1 oz pour

Deanston 2008~12yr~105.4 proof~$11 for 1oz

Mars Maltage “Cosmo”~ WIne Cask Finish~ $15 for 1 oz pour

Midleton Very Rare Vintage Release 2022~ $20 for 1 oz pour

Killowen Small Batch Blended Irish Whiskey :

                                       $15 for 1oz 

                 ~10yr Peated Malt Cask/Ireland ~105 proof

                 ~10yr Virgin Oak Cask/Hungary~ 105 proof

                 ~10yr Tequila Cask/Mexico~ 105 proof


Blue Run “High Rye” Bourbon 111 proof ~$20

Blue Run “Emerald Rye” 116.7 proof~ $22

Brother’s Bond Four Grain Rye 115.8 proof~$14

Don Julio 1942 Tequila Anejo $35

Mars-Komagatake~2022 Edition~ 100 proof Japanese Single Malt~$26

Mars-The Y.A. #01~ 104 proof~$28

Akashi~Aged 5 yrs in Sake Casks~100 proof~$32

Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye ~PM SPIRITS PICK~127 proof ~$16

Little Book Chapter 6 2022~117.4 proof~$28

Port Askaig 9yr Islay Single Malt aged in Run Casks~114.2 proof~$18

GlenAllachie 10yr~113.6 proof~$18

Lagavulin 12yr Cask Strength~113 proof~$40

Lagavulin 11yr Offerman Edition~charred oak casks~ 92 proof~$20

Belle of Bedford 10yr Rye~108.7 proof~$22

Tomatin Single Malt ~Cask Strength~Bourbon & Sherry Casks~115 proof~$24

Jefferson’s Ocean NEW YORK Edition ~98 proof~ $20

Starlight Double Oaked Rye~4 1/2yr~106 proof~$16

Barrell NEW YEAR 2023~113.54 proof~$18

Barrell Batch#33~5yr~$16

Barrell Vantage Bourbon~finished in Mizunara, French& American Toasted Oak ~114,4 proof~$16

Ardbeg Committee Release~ARDCORE~100.2 proof~$26

Ardbeg Wee Beastie 5yr~94.8 proof~$15

Aberfeldy Exceptional Cask Series 24yr~107.8 proof~ $38

Smoke Wagon Malted Straight Rye~116.34 proof ~$18

Smoke Wagon Small Batch~100 proof~$14

Garrison Brother’s Small Batch ~94 proof~$18

Garrison Brother’s Honey Dew~ 80 proof~$18

Garrison Brother’s Balmorhea ~115 proof~$32

Jefferson’s Ocean Double Barrel RYE ~96 proof~$16

Fox & Oden Small Batch Bourbon ~90 proof~$20

Basil Hayden 10yr Small Batch Bourbon ~80 proof~$18

James Pepper Barrel Proof Rye~114.2 proof~$16

Back Bone Bourbon UNCUT ~113.1 proof~$16

Brother’s Bond Cask Strength Bourbon ~115.8 proof~$18

Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash~Bottled in Bond~blend of Bonded American Malt, Rye & Tennessee Whiskey~100  proof~$15

New Riff 6yr Malted Rye~100 proof~ $16

Blackened Rye~Finished in Madeira & Rum Casks~90 proof~$16

Bardstown Collaboritive Series Bourbon ~Finished in Plantation Rum Barrels~104 proof~$26

Jefferson’s RYE Cognac Cask Finish~94 proof~$16

Maker’s Mark Cask Strength~Batch 21-03~109.4 proof~$14

Booker’s Little Book Chapter 5~2021 Release~116 proof~$28

Smoke Wagon Uncut~Unfiltered~ Batch #73 Straight Bourbon~115.7 proof $16

Joseph A Magnus Cigar Blend Bourbon finished in Armagnac, Sherry & Cognac finish, Batch #39~ 125.9 proof ~$40

Dalwhinnie~ Distiller’s Edition ~$18

Laphroaig Cairdeas~ Pedro Ximenel Casks~117.8 proof ~18

Nashville Barrel Co. Cask Strength Rye~115.34~$18

Nashville Barrel Co. Cask Strength Bourbon NEW YORK 2 ~$18

Tobermory 12yr Cask Strength ~ 110.2 proof ~ $24

Hughes Belle of Bedford Rye~104 proof~$16

Kentucky Owl Rye~ Batch #3  114 proof~ $36

Old Elk Double Wheat~107.1 proof~$19

Old Elk Four Grain~105.9 proof~$19

Laws Cask Strength Rye from San Luis Valley, Colorado~120.6 proof~$18

Barrell 2022 New Year Cask Strength Bourbon~109.4 proof ~$16

Barrell 2018 New Year Cask Strength Bourbon ~ 111.2 proof ~ $18

Michter’s Barrel Strength Rye~Limited Release~106.6~$20

Elijah Craig 18yr Single Barrel Bourbon, 2019~$50

Elijah Craig 18yr Single Barrel Bourbon, 2021~$60

Elijah Craig Toasted Barrel ~94 proof~$15

Wild Turkey Rare Breed RYE ~112.2 proof ~$16


BUFFALO TRACE ANTIQUE COLLECTION:  (Prices reflect 2 oz pours, but ONLY 1 oz per person/ per night allowed)

2021 Sazerac 18yr~90 proof ~$80

2020 Sazerac 18yr Rye~90 proof~$80

2019 Sazerac 18yr Rye ~90 proof~$80


Darroze Bas-Armagnac 1996~ aged 23yrs in Oak Barrels~$20

Darroze Bas-Armagnac 1982~aged 39 years ~$22

Darroze Les Grands Assemblages~ aged 20 years~$36

L’Encantada~ 24-36yr old Armagnacs finished in ex- Weller Bourbon Casks ~$24

FOUR SQUARE SOVEREIGNTY 14yr Single Blended Barbados RUM~ Ex-Bourbon & Ex-Sherry Cask~124 proof~$24

FOUR SQUARE 12yr Barbados Rum~120 proof~ $16

FOUR SQUARE ISONOMY 17yr Single Blended Barbados RUM~Ex-Bourbon Cask~116 proof~$26


Aberlour 18yr ~$26

Aberlour 16yr~$22

Aberlour 12yr ~$16

Aberlour a’bunadh Alba ~Non Chill Filtered~121.8 proof ~$20

Aberlour a’bunadh- Non Chill Filtered Cask Strength ~$22

Tamdhu Limited Release ~Batch #007 ~115 proof~$25

Tamdhu 15yr Limited Release ~92 proof~$20

GlenFarclas 12yr ~$14

GlenFarclas 17yr ~$22

GlenFarclas 25yr~$30

Macallan 12yr ~ $16

Macallan 12yr Double Cask ~ $16

Macallan  15yr Double Cask Matured ~$22

Macallan 18yr Sherry Oak ~$60

GlenRothes 12yr~$14

Glendronach 12yr ~$14

GlenDronach 15 Revival~92 proof~$20

Glenfiddich 12yr ~$16

Glenfiddich 14yr Bourbon Barrel Reserve~ $17

Glenfiddich 15yr ~$18

Glenfiddich 12yr~Amontillado Sherry Cask Finish~16

Craigellachie 13yr~$15

Cragganmore 12yr ~$18

Balvenie 21yr Portwood~$36

Balvenie 16yr French Oak~ Finished in Pineau Casks ~$28

Balvenie 15yr Single Barrel Sherry Cask Finish ~$22

Balvenie Doublewood 12yr ~$15

Balvenie 12yr Single Barrel First Fill ~$16

Balvenie 14yr Caribbean Cask ~ $18

Benriach 10yr ~$14

Glen Grant 12yr ~$14

GlenGrant 15yr Batch Strength~100 proof~$16

GlenGrant 18yr Rare Edition~$22

LongMorn 16yr~Non-Chill Filtered~$26


GlenMorangie Signet ~$36

GlenMorangie 10yr ~$12

GlenMorangie Quinta Ruban 14yr ~$16

GlenMorangie Nectar D’or ~$16

GlenMorangie 18yr~$20

Highland Park 12yr ~$14

Highland Park Magnus ~$14

Highland Park 18yr ~ $26

GlenLivet 12yr ~$16

GlenLivet 21yr ~$38

GlenLivet 15yr French Oak ~$18

GlenLivet 18yr ~$22

Oban 14yr (West Highland)~ $18

Oban Little Bay~ Small Cask~86 proof~$16

Dalwhinnie 15yr~$16

Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve ~$26

Dalmore 12yr ~$16

Deanston 13yr Cream Sherry Finish ~108.4 proof ~$18

Old Pulteney 15yr ~92 proof ~$16

Aberfeldy 12yr ~$14



Caol Ila 12yr ~ $18

Caol Ila 15yr UnPeated Cask Strength ~ $20

Bruichladdich Bere Barley 2012~ 100 proof~$22

Lagavulin 12yr~ $26

Lagavulin 16yr ~$20

Lagavulin 8yr ~$16

Laphroaig 10yr ~$16

Laphroaig 10yr Cask Strength ~$18

Laphroaig Quarter Cask- Double Cask Matured ~$14

Bowmore 12yr ~$15

Bowmore 15yr ~$18

Bowmore 18yr ~$24

Ardbeg Non Chill Filtered 10yr ~$14

Ardbeg Corryvreckan 114.2 proof ~$20

Ardbeg Uigeadail ~$18

Ardbeg An Oa ~$15

Bunnahabhain 12yr ~$14

Bruichladdich- The Laddie  Unpeated Islay ~$15

Port Charlotte~ 10yr Heavily Peated~100 proof~ $16

Douglas Laing’s BIG Peat 2019 Christmas Edition (Islay Blend: Caol Ila, Ardbeg,Bowmore, Port Ellen) ~ 107.4 proof~$16

BIG Peat 2018~(blend of Ardbeg, Caol Ila, Bowmore & Port Ellin) Non Chill Filtered~111.4 proof ~ $16


Auchentoshan-American Oak ~$12

Auchentoshan- Triple Wood ~$18


Jura Seven Wood ~$16

Jura 10 yr ~$16


Talisker 10yr ~$16

Talisker 18yr ~$26


The Arran Malt 10yr ~$15

Arran 18 yr~ $24

The Arran Malt~10 year Anniversary of Master Distiller James Mactaggart~100% First Fill 2007 Bourbon Barrels~ 108.4 proof~$20

The Arran Malt Brodick Bay~ Explorers Series~20yr~99.6 proof~$38



Amrut Cask Strength Single Malt ~123.6 proof ~$20

Amrut PEATED Cask Strength Single Malt ~125.6 proof ~$20


Darroze BAs-Armagnac 1996~ aged 23yrs in Oak Barrels~$20


Hibiki Harmony ~$11 for 1oz pour

The Fukano #2223 Edition~83.2 proof~$18

The Yamazaki 12yr Single Malt ~ $28

Hakushu 12yr~$36

Hakushu 18yr~$120

Suntory Toki ~$12


                 Maltage “Cosmo”~Manzanilla Sherry Cask Finish ~ $20

         Maltage “Cosmo” Wine Cask Finish~$30

          The Y.A. #01~104 proof~$28

          Komagatake 2022 Edition~100 proof~$26

Akashi 5yr Sake Cask ~$32

The Impex Collection~ A Secret Distillery in Japan~17yr Single Grain Whisky~$50




Kavalan Single Malts

ex-Bourbon Oak 92 proof ~$20

King Car Whisky 92 proof~$22

Sherry Oak 92 proof ~$26

Kavalan Classic Whisky 80 proof ~$18


Brenne – Single Malt finished in Cognac Barrels ~$14

Brenne 10yr Limited Edition ~$18


Blair Athol 13yr~104.2 proof~ $16 for 1 oz pour

Ben Rinnes 15yr Barbados Rum Cask Finish~108.4 proof~$15 for 1oz pours


Ben Nevis 10 yr~Red WIne Finish~119.8 proof ~$15 for 1oz pour

Ben Nevis 12 yr~Sherry Cask Finish~125.2 proof~ $15 for 1oz pour


Bowmore 25yr~108.6 proof~$80

Laphroaig 22yr “Directors Special”~105.2 proof~$120


An Orkney 21yr (1999)~101.6 proof~$26


Strathmill 1996 ~aged 23yrs~Matured in Hogshead~ 116.8 proof~$32

Caol Ila 2007~aged 12yrs~Matured in Hogshead~117.2 proof~$26


Dailuaine 9yr~111.2 proof~$18

Inchgower 13yr~105.6 proof~$18

Westport 16yr~ 101.2 proof~$20


BenRiach 10 yr~ 199.8proof~$20


Tomintoul 15yr Cask Strength ~107.8 proof~$20


Royal Brackla 11yr ~116.4 proof~$16


Mortlach 11yr (Speyside)~96.8 proof~$16


Copper Dog Speyside Blended~$12

Johnnie Walker Black ~$12

Dewars ~$9

Whiskey Flights

Whiskey Flights are a great way to try some of our Amazing Whiskey selections.

Here’s how it works:

YOU get to choose ANY Three-1oz pours of Whiskeys

 (Prices on Site reflect 2oz pours)

Opt for a Flight of All Bourbons or Single Malts, Ryes, Japanese, Irish, American, Canadian…


Mix It Up!

Now Sit Back, and ENJOY YOUR FLIGHT!

* Prices vary depending on your choices

Top Shelf Cocktails

Mezcal Cadillac     $14

Del Maquey Mezcal, Grand Marnier, Agave, Fresh Lime Juice

Espresso Martini     $14

Tito’s, Luxardo Coffee Liquer , Dark Chocolate Shavings

Pickle-tini     $14

Tito’s, Dry Vermouth, Pickle Juice from The PICKLE GUYS L.E.S.

Perry’s Tot Cocktail     $14

Perry’s Tot Gin (114 proof), Aperol, St. Germain, Fresh Lemon juice, Montenegro served on the rocks with an orange twist

 Bourbon Hunter    $16

Belle Meade Reserve Bourbon 108.3 proof, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, Heering Cherry Liqueur, Orange Bitters w/ Bada Bing Cherry

Ginger Snap    $14

Rittenhouse Rye, Pear Nectar, Ginger-Honey Syrup, Fr. Lemon Juice ~Candied Ginger Garnish

 Sexual Chocolate    $14

Four Roses Bourbon, Maple Syrup, Fr. Lemon Juice, Aztec Chocolate Bitters w/ Dark Chocolate Shavings

 Penicillin    $14

Copper Dog Speyside Blended Scotch, Honey-Ginger Syrup, Fr. Lemon Juice, Laphroaig Spritz

Lavender Lemonade Cocktail     $14

Hendricks Gin OR Kettle One Vodka, Homemade Lavender Syrup,

Butterfly Pea Flower & Fresh Lemon Juice

 **Coconut Margarita   $14

Sauza Tequila, “Secret Homemade Coconut Mix”,Triple Sec, Fresh Lime Juice

 Served UP

Sprinkled w/ Coconut Flakes & nutmeg

Fresh Watermelon Margarita   $14

Sauza Tequila, Fresh Watermelon juice, Fresh Lime juice, Agave syrup

w/Mint Sprig

FROZEN Margarita   $14

Sauza Tequila, Triple Sec, Fresh Lime Juice, Agave syrup

 L.E.S. Sweet Tea    $14

Four Roses Bourbon, Honey Syrup, Iced Tea

L.E.S. Lemon Fizz    $14

Stoli Citron, Fresh Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Seltzer

Aperol Spritz   $14

Aperol, seltzer, topped with Prosecco, orange twist

 Classic Hot Toddy

House  $11    Four Roses Bourbon   $14

Premium  Manhattan

 Rittenhouse Rye or Old Forester Bourbon   $14

Old Forester 100 proof,Montanaro Vermouth Di Torino Rosso, Bitters,

 Bada Bing Cherry

 Bernheim Maple Syrup or Classic Old Fashioned   $14

Bernheim Wheat Whiskey, Muddled Orange & Bada Bing Cherry, Maple Syrup, Bitters

 Woodford Reserve Sidecar   $14

Woodford Reserve Bourbon,Combier, Fresh Lemon Juice

 Sazerac Cocktail   $14

Old Overholt Rye, Sugar Cube, Peychauds Bitters, glass coated w/ Absinthe

 Negroni/Boulevardier   $14

Beefeater Gin/ Old Overholt Rye, Campari, Sweet Vermouth

 Dark and Stormy   $14

Gosling’s Rum, Fresh Lime Juice & ”Q” Ginger Beer

 Mules   $14

All w/ Fresh Lime Juice & ”Q” Ginger Beer

Vodka, Rye, Bourbon, Tequila

Guardian *Angel* Sour  $14

Angel’s Envy Bourbon~Port Cask Finish, Aperol,

 Agave & Fresh Lemon Juice

Daily Specials



The Parker: Miller High Life & shot of Four Rose’s Bourbon or Paddy’s Irish Whiskey~ $8

The Shorty: Half Pint of Any Draught & a Call Shot ~$8

$4 Miller High Life

Check our Instagram Feed for Daily Specials

WINES: (by the glass)

Chateau Routas Rose~ Coteaux Various en Provence ~$13

Momo Sauvingnon Blanc 2020~made with Organic Grapes, Marlburough New Zealand ~$14

Cigar Box  Old Vine 2021 Pinot Noir ~$12

Alverdi 2018 Pinot Grigio, Italy ~$10

Domaine De La Guicharde 2017, Cotes Du Rhone, France~$12



Miller High Life  (can)        $4

Bud Light                                 $5

Tecate (can)                           $5

Amstel                                     $6

Corona                                     $6

Heineken                                $6

Stella Artois                            $6

Brooklyn Lager                     $6

 Duvel Golden Ale (Belgian)                            $9

KCBC ~(Selections change ALL the time)16oz cans               $8

Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine IPA  16oz can   $8

Single Cut 18 Watt Session IPA  16oz can $8

Citizen’s Cider United Press 16 oz can  $7

 Schneider Weisse                         $9

Schneider Weisse Aventinus     $9


Austin Original Dry Cider           $6

Lunetta Prosecco                            $10

Non-Alcoholic (ask bartender)   $6




Guinness  $8

Allagash White  $8

Old Speckled Hen  $8

Gaffel Kolsch  $8

Sloop Juice Co Juice Bomb IPA  $8

Bell’s Amber Ale  $8


We only take reservations for groups of 5 or more. Please supply us with as much information as possible and we will get back to you ASAP.
Name, E-mail address, Date, Time, Number of people, Any additional info.

Request a reservation


The Whiskey Ward
121 Essex St (Between Rivington and Delancey)

Please note our new hours

Mon-Thurs   5:00-2:00am 

Fri & Sat  5:00-3:00am


Contact Us:

E-mail Ms. Sandee

How to find us:


F,J,M,Z to Delancey St Station

We are located ½ block North of the subway station.


M14A Stops at our door.


Municipal parking lot right next door.

3 blocks from the Williamsburg Bridge

The Whiskey Ward
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The Whiskey Ward has been a Lower East Side gem 21 years plus and counting. With 500 hand-selected Whiskeys, this is a local favorite with a laid-back vibe. For the aficionado, you will feel like a “kid in a candy store”. Famous for their Whiskey Flights, both the novice & whiskey-phile, they are a MUST try! Whiskey not your thing? Not to worry, they have a full bar including Classic & Signature Cocktails. And their prices can’t be beat! Bonus points for having a well-maintained pool table. The name itself has historical significance — during the 19th Century, NYC was divided into political Wards. The Lower East Side, being the 4th & 6th Wards & home to countless saloons, was commonly referred to as “The Whiskey Ward.”

“If you drink, don’t drive. Don’t even putt.” – Dean Martin